Picture and mirror frames - zest, depending on the style of the interior.

Our site presents a huge variety of 3d models of beautiful exquisite picture frames and mirror frames. How not to get confused in all the variety and choose really suitable for a particular style of frame?

In this article we will tell you about the difference between the frames for different styles of interiors. And show examples of 3d models of frames from our website.

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So, what are the features of different interior styles and frames for them?

Styles and Frames:

Frames have a rich history. Every century and every style direction has left its own imprint not only on the interiors and architecture of buildings, but also on the framing of pictures and mirrors. Throughout of all the time frames, their shape and sizes have been changing dramatically.

We will not consider the most ancient, out of fashion styles. We will concern only with those that are still actual in modern interiors.


The Renaissance was characterized by opulent balls, luxury, and splendor in all the ways. This style has been remembered for its deliberate ornamentation and is still fully or partly found in interiors.

Frames performed in this style are often covered with gold paint. Many decorative elements were taken from nature such as acanthus leaves, curved oak branches, garlands of roses, figurines of birds and bunches of grapes.

A distinctive feature of Baroque frames is that their width is often shaped by openwork carvings of acanthus leaves. At the same time, the outer border usually has no precise contours. And the leaves are extremely realistic, in embossed detail, creating attractive curls.


This style made the Baroque frames even more complex. More sculptural elements appeared here for instance shells in intricately carved compositions. Figures of mythical characters carved directly into the base of the wooden frame.

Such frames are quite difficult to make. But a CNC machine with the help of our 3d models can do it.


Classicism, which came into fashion after the Baroque and Rococo periods - symbolized a return to austerity, to brevity. Decor is still used here. But it is more balanced, well-ordered.

Frames in this style often have a strict rectangular form. They are decorated with ornaments, symmetrically placed on the sides. They can be ornamented on top with carved details typical of this style (for example, with a crown, with laurel branches, with the coat of arms of the nobility, etc.).

The corners of such a frame may be highlighted with carved rosettes. Garlands of laurel leaves, vines or acanthus leaves are appropriate, but all this is no longer as actively intertwined and chaotically scattered in different directions as in the Baroque or Rococo style. Classicist frames are strictly confined on the inside and outside.


Frames in this style are likely to be painted in light pastel colors, possibly made with the effect of artificial aging, which will give it a special charm.

Provence is an abundance of frames and frames of small sizes and different forms. They can be wall, table and floor frames.

The decor is close to Baroque, but much more moderate and calm. It is light.

It is enough to remember that this style appeared when the nobility was tired of balls and noisy city life and many of them began to move into the village, equipping their homes much more modestly.

Frames could be decorated with monograms, angels, flowers.

This style lived a long time, so the frames of the style of Provence can be not only paintings, but also photos in black and white. This will give a special charm to the interior. And the subjects of paintings are most often the countryside and nature.

Modern (Art Nouveau):

A very unusual style, it is characterized by new solutions in form and decoration. Frames in this style can often be decorated with plant decor in the form of vines, leaves, waterfalls, flowers, as well as bas-reliefs of characters, men, girls with flowing hair. These motifs inspired artists and architects at the time when the style was at the height of its popularity.

Modern styles:

Frames in modern styles have a clear clear shape, laconic decor.

The carved pattern on such frames will add a zest, a distinctive charm to the product.

The decor usually consists of squares, corners, rhombuses, clear clear clear strict lines.

Other styles:

In addition to these purely historical styles, with which entire eras are associated, several others have survived to this day. That’s their offshoots or individual styles.

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