Decor for ceilings. Types, CNC manufacturing, 3D models

There is a big variety of ceiling decor. All decorative elements make the ceiling more ornate, beautiful, elegant and ideal for such styles as Provence, Art Deco, eclectic, classic, modern classic, modern, etc. Ceiling decor will emphasize the chosen style of the interior and express a unique atmosphere. Such decor can be made on CNC machines.

In this article you can read everything about types of ceiling decor, its manufacturing on CNC and get an example of 3D models from our site. – is a huge range of models in stl format designed especially for CNC machines.

Types of ceiling decor:

There are the following types of decorative elements designed for ceilings:

  • Overlays
  • Moldings
  • Ceiling rosettes
  • Baguettes
  • Caissons
  • Corner overlays
  • And others.


Baguettes are usually installed between the ceiling and the wall. It is a special decorative ceiling plinth. It’s usually wide, with a beautifully carved decor. Ceiling baguette differs from each other in material, color, and decorative elements.

If you want to know more click here: Baguettes for ceilings. 3d models for CNC machine

For manufacturing of ceiling baguettes on a CNC machine you may need the following sections of our site: Baguette profile: 3d models for CNC, 3d models of the baguette, cornices: 3d models, frieze: 3d models.

Ceiling rosettes

Ceiling rosettes are most commonly round decorative elements (but there are also square, rectangular, elongated shape).They are mounted in the center, usually in the same place as the chandelier.

Such rosettes look very elegant, that draw your attention on the ceiling and the chandelier. They also conceal the installation details and embellish the interior. You can also combine in design with ceiling moldings.

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Molding is a decorative element in the form of an applied frame with a convex decoration. It usually decorates doors, windows, arches, fireplaces.

Recently, carved rack moldings that are installed rectangular on ceilings or walls have become fashionable.

They are laconic, create an interesting effect, and decorate surfaces. They perfectly complement classic interiors.

You can also order 3D models of such moldings on our site. Or choose an example from the assortment. 


Ceiling caissons are cells, often in the shape of squares with decoration (baguette and centerpiece). But they also come in other shapes, such as hexagons and octagons.

Caissons emphasize the high status of any design. Such decor would be suitable for a business office.

To know more about caisson ceilings, we wrote an article about 3D models for them: look here

Corners and other elements:

Decorative corners let you decorate the corners on your ceiling (or corners of moldings). Our website offers a huge range of beautiful models of corners for different styles and moods.

Decorative corners

As well as many other models of decor that can be used, even for ceilings.

See the entire catalog

Manufacturing on CNC and 3d models:

CNC machine will help to quickly and efficiently implement the decoration of any complexity on the material.

The material can be wood (both solid wood and cheaper MDF, chipboard), polyurethane, plastic, metal, stone and other materials. It all depends on the idea of the designer and the capabilities of the equipment.

CNC machine with one 3D model can produce any number of products, which will allow you to pay back the purchase of the model faster.

The quality of 3d models largely determines the final result.

On our site you can find models that are different:

  • The smallest drawings
  • Thoughtful plot
  • A huge assortment
  • High quality that guarantees a decent result
  • Comfortable stl format (suitable for most editors)
  • Competitive prices.

Any of the models presented on the site we can finalize according to your wishes.

Besides you always have an opportunity to create unique models. Send us a photo, sketches, description and our experienced modelers will create a 3d model especially for you. Adapt it to the requirements of your equipment, and operating conditions.

Still have questions? Ask any question, any time! We are always online in all messengers.

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